Colocho and Band of Wizards-7

Colocho and the Band of Wizards

Preforming at Art Stop Social event on June 11th at Que Sera [7th and Cherry]

We had the opportunity to sit in on a rehearsal with “Colocho​ and the Band of Wizards”. As their name promises, they made some magic right in front of us. After an extended psychedelic jam to get warmed up, they went right into rehearsing the set they’re planning for their performance at the Art Stop Social show on June 11th. In between songs, what started out as some messing around on the bass turned into the creation of a new song – definitely a magical moment. Look forward to seeing them perform this Saturday at Que Sera!




I'm a prolific photographer who documents art, music, and night-life culture in Long Beach and beyond. My mission with Art Stop Social project is to lead by example to become relevant player in local community by mining and generating content for local artist's use on their social media channels.


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