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Virtually tour Salvo Art Project’s studio!

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A persistent barrage of creativity; a colossal cannonade of color and artistic zeal; often originating from a natural setting or garden. Rarely experienced in obnoxious commercial shopping centers or mundane outlet malls.

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At Salvo we wish to work together as a community of artists to create, inspire, and craft a culture within our community that is original,authentic, and diverse. We are providing a platform for exhibition and opportunities for education in the visual arts.

Currently we are developing a international artist residency program that will bring guest artists and curators. The experience we hope to provide for our audience is unique, visceral, entertaining, and often challenging. We now offer studio space to 13 working artists. In March we will be expanding to create 4 more studios. As we grow and evolve we hope earn the support and enthusiasm of our community. We have many challenges to face in order to succeed. We hope to face these challenges in interesting and artistic fashion. As artists we all realize that the journey of creativity is our greatest reward.

Feel free to check out the video and scroll through the photo essay bellow as you continue to listen to JJ’s interview.


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I'm a prolific photographer who documents art, music, and night-life culture in Long Beach and beyond. My mission with Art Stop Social project is to lead by example to become relevant player in local community by mining and generating content for local artist's use on their social media channels.
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