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Featured Artist: Steven Garcia

"I do something weird every day.”

Steven Garcia-2Painter, tattoo artist, and avid wearer of wild leggings Steven Garcia first realized his dream as a professional artist when someone wanted to buy one of his paintings in high school. His art has gone through a few different periods since then – he experimented with dark colors and geometric shapes before coming to the colorful style and palette he uses in his work today.

To him, art is everything and everywhere. He sees it as the record of human thought processes and emotions combined with history and philosophy, and pointed out that we can trace technological advances as historical markers throughout art history. His creative process takes energy and planning, but there’s also a more spontaneous aspect – for him, it’s more about letting things happen once he actually sits down to work. He’s developed his unique style by taking in the art around him and absorbing pieces of it: “I just see things that are beautiful and creative and then I sit down and it’s like a filter… just the way that things make me feel, I try to capture that with my hands.” His art is an attempt to reconnect humanity with happiness and peace – he wants to bring the overwhelming happiness he has experienced in the world to people, and for him, art is the best way to do that.

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Artist: Steven Garcia

Artist: Steven Garcia

Currently, he’s working on a series of paintings inspired by feminine energy as something visible, and he’s trying to capture the embodiment of that energy – something that’s sexy, unique, sultry, sensual, and with a feeling of a higher consciousness. He began building polygon-shaped canvases for these paintings, because he felt that the rectangle and square-shaped canvases he’d been using previously simply were not containing the images the way he wanted them to. The images are based on the geometry of the canvas, historical imagery, and work with models as well as inspiration and a sense of cosmic awareness.

Artist: Steven Garcia

Artist: Steven Garcia

This summer, he’s embarking on the longest trip he’s ever taken in his life: a cross-country art tour with friend and fellow artist, Dave the Rainbow. With gallery shows on their way to the East Coast and festivals on their way back (featuring their blacklight art gallery dome which also doubles as a tea lounge), it’s shaping up to be an exciting and art-filled few months.





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